VFFS S250/300


What‘s better than a highly reliable bagger with a repeatable delivery? One that‘s also incredibly fast. Meet the S250/S300, an impressive vertical form, fill and seal machine that provides the stainless steel sanitary design and affordability you‘ve come to expect from our S Series. Want efficiency? With speeds up to 150 bags per minute, faster, repeatable and accurate production runs will be the norm. Want consistency? The S250 prevents bottlenecking. Want flexibility? The S250 accommodates several bag styles, including quad-seal. Want peace of mind? Make the S250 your next investment.

  • Max Speed: 150 BPM
  • Weight: 950 kg (2,095 lbs)
  • Bag Width: 50-300mm (2″-11.8″)
  • Bag Length: 60-400mm (2.38″-15.75″)
  • Air Pressure: 6 bar (15–18 CFM at 90 PSI)
  • Power Supply: 7.9 kVA (480 V, three phase, 60 Hz., 20 AMPS)


  • Robust, stainless steel frame
  • Siemens or Allen Bradley control system
  • Enclosed, servo-drive jaw actuation
  • Quiet running speeds up to 150 bpm
  • Off-the-shelf components
  • Minimal maintenance requirements
  • Short film path
  • Small machine footprint
  • No tool changeover
  • Self-centering pull belts
  • Automatic film tracking
  • VFD powered film unwind
  • Quick film splice table
  • Product stagers
  • End-seal cooling air
  • Bag deflators
  • Photo eye and encoder
  • Double guard door
  • Automatic machine stop
  • Jaw obstruction detection
  • Runs most film structures
  • Storage for 100 product recipes